Empowering Open Source Innovation

Broadening participation

Utopian Colony is a platform for open source collaboration, home to all digital professionals with a passion for open source innovation. Utopian Colony gives everyone a voice and a place to contribute, reward and be rewarded.


Now on Indiegogo

Utopian Colony is a platform created to boost open source innovation, now live on Indiegogo.

A home for your project

Build and engage your contributor community on Utopian Colony with your own personalized project page.

Connect with contributors

With a diverse selection of talents and specializations (including developers, translators and graphic designers) Utopian Colony is the place to find the contributors your projects needs to grow and thrive.

Incentivize contributions

Utopian Colony offers you all the tools necessary to reward your contributor community, crowdsource the completion of project-critical tasks, and attract new professionals through gamified bounties.

Crowdfund your project tasks

In Utopian everyone can load up existing bounties for your project tasks. As soon as you create a new task in Utopian, supporters can find it and decide to back it by loading up the attached bounty.

Open to all digital professionals

Everyone is welcome!

Utopian Colony welcomes many digital professionals; including developers, translators, graphic designers, copywriters and others.

Show your passion

Your Utopian Profile is the perfect place to showcase your open source contributions and earn a reputation in your field.

Discover your next project

Utopian Colony is home to inspiring open source projects looking for talents just like you! Browse tasks and earn tips and bounties for contributing to inspiring projects.

Utopian progress


September 2017
Successful PoC
June 2018
Facilitated contributions to over 9000 OSS repositories
Sept 2018
Full scale platform specifications finalized
November 2018
Utopian Colony development started
Q3 2019
Public Beta Release

We are Utopian

Our Team

Diego Pucci
Founder & CEO

In his 12 years working in startups and global enterprises, in various positions from IT Manager to senior developer, Diego has acquired the knowledge and experience needed to lead and manage an innovative web-based project like Utopian.

Gregory Latinier
Software Architect

With over 11 years of experience as full-stack developer and IT manager, Gregory brings his extensive knowledge of creating highly complex web and blockchain solutions.

David Chanoch
Content Specialist

An experienced content editor, writer, and ex-journalist with over 25 years in offline and online publishing and media, Didi has come onboard to help polish Utopian’s content.

Ibrahim onozasi
Community Manager

Endowed with community relationship and engagement ability, Onozasi brings his experience in coordinating both online and offline communities as well as managing public relationships on the Utopian social media channels.

Ilana Brudo
Marketing Specialist

An experienced and savvy marketer and writer with over a decade of experience, Ilana brings creativity to every aspect of her job in Utopian. Her passion for communities and open source made her fall in love with Utopian’s vision.

Andrew Hamilton
Financial Analyst

Serial technology entrepreneur and lawyer in the technology, corporate and litigation fields, Andrew has 25 years of business and legal experience under his belt, in Israel, Australia and United States.

Laura B.
Coordinator of Operations

A gifted coordinator of operations, Laura brings her experience in coordinating online and blockchain based communities, as well as managing teams and projects.

Miriam Farmer
VIP Manager

Skilled in working with technical and non-technical team members to minimize project communication barriers, Miriam manages relationships with our VIP projects and contributors.

About Utopian:

Utopian was founded in Sept. 2017 as an open source, community-focused initiative, to explore the needs of projects and contributors in the open source ecosystem. Utopian has facilitated already 70,000 contributions to over 9,000 open source repositories. We have embraced professionals from all fields, both technical and non-technical, from any culture and language, proving how the open source ecosystem can be more diverse and inclusive. Our passionate contributors speak 19 languages. In collaboration with DaVinci, an open source community of translators, we have translated over 2 Million words to support the internationalisation of relevant open source initiatives. Our community includes talents from all fields, professionals who finally had a better chance to take part in open source innovation: developers, content creators, translators, graphic designers and more. We wanted to make open source innovation truly open and with that mission, a dedicated team, and your support, we are now building Utopian Colony.

Partner Projects

Early Adopters

A special thanks to our partner projects.